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Casablanca: Make Mothers Matter to shed light on the importance of mothers to promote peace 

Written by FDM

The NGO Make Mothers Matter is organizing for the first time in Morocco a conference entitled “Mothers for Peace”. An event set up on May 3-4 in Casablanca with the support of Care International- Morocco to highlight the essential role of mothers as peacekeepers.

Given the rise of violence, conflicts and forced displacement that primarily affect mothers, the NGO Make Mothers Matter has decided to prepare a conference on May 3 and 4 in Casablanca called “Mothers for Peace”. “With the support of Care International-Morocco, we have chosen to organize it in Africa, a booming continent where women play a key role for sustainable development in terms of education, health, resource management and gender equality,” says Anne-Claire de Liedekerke, president of Make Mothers Matter, in a statement.

“Peace begins within families and intrafamily relationships. It begins with joint decision-making, communication, respect for others, and the absence of domestic violence (verbal and physical). The economic opportunities of mothers allow them to strengthen their leadership, trust and improve their status in decision-making within households and the community.”

Thus, the organization believes that mothers are an untapped source of piece. To convey and support this message, an array of personalities, experts in the field, both Moroccan and foreigners, is expected as the Princess Esmeralda of Belgium who wrote a book on “Women Nobel Peace Prize”, Jordan’s Rima Salah, former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, and Austrian Edith Schlaffer, founder and director of Women without Borders and SAVE.

The intended audience ? Political and economic decision-makers, academics and researchers, representatives or members of international organizations and Moroccan associations that work in the field of women’s protection and empowerment, but also mothers, fathers, and members of society interested in the subject.

In addition to raising awareness through the media and social networks, the NGO wants to create a network of mothers in all over the world to make their voices heard in favor of peace, but also present the conclusions of the said conference to the UN (New York and Geneva), UNESCO (Paris) and the European Union (Brussels) where Make Mothers Matter has active delegations.