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“Casablanca confinée”, the virtual exhibition of Pedro Orihuela at Cervantes Institute

Written by FDM

The Cervantes Institute in Casablanca is presenting the virtual exhibition “Casablanca confinée” signed by the Spanish photographer Pedro Orihuela.

During three months of lockdown, from mid-March to mid-June, Casablanca, usually noisy, lively and overcrowded, emptied and fell silent as we had never seen it before.

Spanish photographer and architect Pedro Orihuela immortalized this unprecedented situation and to present the virtual exhibition “Casablanca confinée” on the Facebook page of the Cervantes Institute in Casablanca. Pedro Orihuela has collaborated with different Spanish, French, and Moroccan magazines. And in his personal projects, photography is a way to share feelings more than images.

The exhibition “Casablanca confinée” is to be discovered on the website and Facebook page of the Cervantes Institute in Casablanca: