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Cancer: the unwavering support of the Dar Zhor association

Written by FDM

For years, the Dar Zhor association has been involved in supporting people with cancer and their families. In light of World Cancer Day, February 4, the association recalls that “together, all our actions are important”.

Cancer is a physical, psychological, emotional, and social ordeal that shakes not only the patient but also all those close to them. Also, the Dar Zhor association is involved in supporting people with cancer and their families. It thus supports people, women, and men, affected by cancer, helping them cope with the disease.

Volunteers of Dar Zhor act in a humanist approach centered on the patient and his well-being. Roughly, thirty health professionals and coaches take part in the caring process including most often, an adapted physical activity (Yoga, Chi Gong, Roses Pilates, Tai Chi, Tenchi Tessen), psychological support in individual or in a group of words, well-being treatments such as plantar reflexology or Reïki but also hypnosis sessions to better manage pain and many other symptoms of the disease. Onco-aesthetic workshops, nutrition workshops, and advice workshops on different themes are also offered. Together, they help to break isolation, create social ties, and restore the joy of living to its beneficiaries, as the association underlines in a press release, summarizing, with accuracy, that “together, all our actions count! “