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Caftan 2019: Richness at its finest (Photos)

Written by Amal Asebriy

It’s officially a season of colorful and modern Caftans adorned with geometric patterns and traditional cuts!

They have done it! 19 designers have managed, yet again, to blow our minds away with innovative and high-quality creations that perfectly illustrate the theme of this edition: The Seven Wonders of the World.

The standards were high. From Belkhayat’s classy collection, Bakkali’s pieces full of character to Sahel’s dress-like Caftans, we’ve seen belt bags, flowers, lace and a bunch of other fabrics incorporated in one single outfit. One might think it’s a lot to take in but the blend was done gracefully so that leaves us admiring the artwork.

Caftan is not just a fashion show, it’s also a performance that aims to honor renowned singers and highlight new talents. It was the case with the presence of Hatim Ammor who opened the show with his hit song ‘Bla 3onwane’, followed by a dance performance of ‘Dilbar’ by Fnair ft Bollywood star Nora Fatehi. The event also marks the first TV performance of ‘Slay’, the hip hop song by urban pop star Manal who took away the stage with her energy and confidence. Last but not least, the pop sensation, singer-songwriter Nouamane Belaiachi closed with his 2017 hit ‘Madamti’.

Presented by Kaoutar Boudarraja and Bilal Arabi, Caftan 2019 took place at the Palmeraie Resort in Marrakech and was broadcasted live on 2M.