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Caftan 2019 to embrace the wonders of the world

Written by Amal Asebriy

For its 23rd edition, the show Caftan set the bar higher and broadened its exposure by inviting 5 artists, 11 media outlets, and 9 national and international (China) bloggers. All of whom were present at the press conference, on April 19th at the Palmeraie Resort in Marrakech.

There are 19 instead of 16 designers this year. This minor change has brought along a major challenge, the one of ensuring an effortless show. For that matter, the organizers (headed by Zineb Taïmouri) invited 5 artists with distinctive styles and from different backgrounds.

As the headliner of the show, Hatim Ammor will open the evening with his latest hit “Bla 3onwane” accompanied by models in an attempt to brighten the mood. The entire fashion show will be interspersed with a dance performance (Dilbar) by Moroccan Bollywood star Nora Fathi featuring the group Fnair, the first appearance of urban pop star Manal with her hit Slay, and last but not least the latest pop sensation: singer-songwriter Nouamane Belaiachi (Madamti).

It may take two hands to clap, but such an event took them quite a few more. In the artistic direction of the show, we find the reliable Malika Zaïdi, the music composition was done entirely by the talented Hamid Daoussi, and stage direction was insured by Philippe Riot.

The representative of SOS Village association, to which the show’s proceeds go, and representatives of official sponsors like 2M, IO, and Yan&One were also present at the press conference.

The highly anticipated fashion event will take us on a journey back in time around the world’s seven wonders broadcasted live on 2M on Saturday, April 20. The spectacle will be presented by the qualified TV presenter Kaoutar Boudarraja and Algerian TV personality Bilal Al Arabi.