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Burqas and red high boots:The controversial cover of French Montana (video)

Written by FDM

French Montana is at the center of a controversy. The Moroccan-American rapper has just announced the release of his next album “Montana” scheduled for November with a poster and music video  that make quite a sensation on social media.

Two years have passed since the release of the album “Jungle Rules”, marked by the hit ” Unforgettable “. French Montana, thus, made his comeback with a soberly self-titled album scheduled to release on November 9th.

In his music video the Moroccan-American rapper is seen surrounded by several women dressed in burqas and red knee-high boots, displaying their grillz and pouty lips, moving to his music, in an attempt to honore his muslim ubringing.

The whole concept quickly sparked the anger of Internet users, Muslim women among them, who accused him of sexualizing women bodies to fit the Westernised audience he is catering for.

From his prespective, French Montana said on a tweet explaining the album art  saying: ‘You don’t have to change who you are. You can bring people into your own world’. Watch the video above and judge for yourself.