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Brand-new Dar el Kouhen has everything you need for your wedding

Written by FDM

There is a new brand designed for weddings coming your way: Dar el Kouhen. It is created by Ilham El Kouhen, a young Moroccan passionate about what is “beautiful” and “traditional”, as she explains.

Dar el Kouhen, to officially launch on July 5 at the Hayat Regency,  comes to assist those who are planing a wedding just in time for the summer season. Ilham El Kouhen, is the young Moroccan behind this beautiful project. She went to Austria and Egypt before she returned to Morocco to open her own hair and beauty salon and work in parallel with her husband in event planning. “Dar El Kouhen (…) is named after my family,” she explains. “For me, it’s a bit of a way to pay tribute to my family name and to fulfill the dream of my mother Allah yerehamha. »

The new brand offers bespoke packs for any type of wedding (fassi, rbati, bidaoui, tangerois, berber, marrakechi and meknassi), a collection of outfits, caftans and quality wedding dresses (noble silk fabrics, brocade, sfifa of Dar el makhzanne, gilded skali and cartier of Akads, …) as well as a wide range of accessories and very trendy jewels (platinum, white and yellow gold, sapphire, emerald, ruby, …).

On the hardware side, there is a large selection of traditional Amaria, Mida and Tyafars, all in gold and silver colors as well as solid wood. And as the brand says: ” Every object proposed by Dar El Kouhen has a story, the latter is shared with you, so that your events remain in memory .”