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Bouchra Fadel releases a new poem collection

Written by FDM

A new collection of poems by journalist Bouchra Fadel entitled “Eclat d’amour et des amours confiées” has just been published by Bouregreg editions.

After “Rêves au féminin”, the journalist Bouchra Fadel presents her second collection “Eclat d’amour et des amours confiées”. In this 140-page book, the cover of which is signed by the painter Nowman Zindi, we discover a composition of poems in French, later translated into Arabic by the poet Soulaimane Elhouari.

The 33 poems include, “L’amour est de retour”, “Le sourire se perd”, “Je rumine quelques vers”, “Les étés sont courts” or “L’instant”. And as the French surgeon, poet, and photographer Jean Victor Belemere describes it in the preface: “The material is exceptional and rich, deeply deployed in words where the metaphors are barely sketched as light as they are”.