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Blue Flag label granted to 26 beaches and 1 marina

Written by FDM

26 beaches and a marina were granted with the international label Blue Flag sign of environmental quality. 

The Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment has awarded the Blue Flag to 26 beaches and 1 marina. 39 beaches had applied for this famous label, and those that were selected had met four families of criteria that go well beyond the quality of bathing water. Information, awareness and environmental education, health and safety, and finally beach development and management measures form the foundation on which the Blue Flag is built.

As a reminder, the labeled municipalities take charge of the complete management of the beaches that fall within their scope: maintenance, cleanliness, equipment, safety, training, awareness, accessibility.

In this considerable effort, increased this year by attempts to prevent the return of Covid-19, they are supported by the Clean Beaches program of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, supported by the General Directorate of Local Authorities, the relevant ministerial departments and economic partners who provide them with managerial skills and financial support.
Here are the beaches that have obtained the Blue Flag label for 2020:-Achakar / (Tanger-Asilah)
-Aglou Sidi Moussa / Tiznit
-Arekmane / Nador
-Ba Kacem (Tanger-Asilah)
-El Moussafir / Dakhla
-Foum El Oued / Laâyoune
-Oued Aliane / Fahs-Anjra
-Oued Laou / Tétouan
-Oum labouir / Dakhla
-Safi town
-Souiria lkdima / Safi
-Saïdia tourist station
-Cap Beddouza / Safi
-Sidi Kankouch 1 / Fahs Anjra
-Sidi Ifni
-Imintourga (Mirelefa)
-Sidi Rahal 4th tranche
-Oued Al Marssa / Fahs Anjra
-Plage des Nations
-Ain Diab Extension
-Rifienne / (Mdiq-Fnideq)
And, the marina of Saidia