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Blogger objects to rights of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait, sparks backlach

Written by FDM

Kuwaiti influencer Sondos al-Qattan stirred quit a fuss on global social media when she complained about domestic workers having the right to a day off per week.

Sondos al-Qattan, famous for her makeup tutorials on the internet, objected in a video posted on Instagram to the decisions taken in May to improve the conditions of some 262,000 Filipinos working in Kuwait, a position that has raised strong backlash.

According to AFP, Al Qattan said that the wave of indignation was “unjustified and did not require an apology.”

” All I said was that the employer was entitled to keep the employee’s passport. Many Kuwaitis and Gulf nationals agree with me … I have the right as a kafil to keep my employee’s passport. I am responsible after paying a deposit that can reach 1,500 dinars (roughly MAD 46,325), “said the young woman.

According to her, these practices “do not affect the dignity of the servant and have nothing to do with humanism or human rights, as long as the salary of this employee is not retained and that he is not physically abused. The young woman also recently shared explanations about her Instagram account.

As a result, many international brands have since cut ties with the influencer, including Max Factor Arabia. “Max Factor Arabia is taking this incident very seriously and have immediately suspended all collaborations with Sondos,” a spokesperson told Gulf News.

On May 11, Kuwait and Manila signed, after a diplomatic crisis, an agreement governing the work of domestic workers who can now enjoy a weekly rest day, keep their passports and seek help from Manila authorities if necessary.