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Bidaya welcomes the “Women Greenpreneur”

Written by FDM

This “Women Greenpreneur” promotion supported by the Bidaya Incub program is dedicated to women entrepreneurs with a project of an environmental impact, launched with the aim of encouraging women to embark on green-friendly entrepreneurship in particular.

The selection and support of these green women entrepreneurs are made possible thanks to the financing of the Microfinancing Program of the UNDP Global Environment Facility (PMF FEM / PNUD) and to co-financing from the European Union within the framework of the Moucharaka Mouwatina program.

The kick-off for the integration week was launched on May 28 for the nine startup projects joining Bidaya Incub: M4nature, Dada rocks, Ghitta Laskrouif, Faab, Pimo, Amaz, Freedge, Urbaworm and Tadweir! Several thematic workshops will be organized during this week, namely: “Presentation of the program and Bidaya”, “Project management”, “Design of the value proposition” as well as a workshop to reflect on themes related to the environment.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from strategic and tailor-made support for six months, based on the expertise and the national and international network of Bidaya. They will also have the opportunity to participate in a series of training and workshops and will have access to a co-working space located in the city center while respecting the health measures implemented in this particular situation. Moreover, the Bidaya team will put project leaders in touch with the key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help them develop their startup.