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BIC inaugurates its second school library in Casablanca

Written by FDM

The group “BIC” inaugurates the second school library in Casablanca, as part of its “BIBLIO’BIC” program.

True to its commitment to improving the lives of children through education, the BIC Group, a leader in stationery, has set a goal of improving the education conditions of 250 million children in the world by 2025.

In Morocco, this desire was strengthened thanks to the partnership with the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Casablanca-Settat region. Several actions in favor of education have thus emerged. Among them, BIC Morocco launched the project “BIBLIO’BIC” which consists of opening multidisciplinary libraries in public primary schools of the Kingdom.

The new library will be opened at the “Yasmina” primary school in Hay Moulay Abdallah in Casablanca and will provide nearly 1,000 children with a dedicated reading area and a computer area equipped with computers provided with the Internet. It will also have a room for the organization of educational workshops and an audio-visual space.

In addition to offering children space where they can learn, cultivate their knowledge and play in a suitable environment, “BIBLIO’BIC” promotes, among other things, reading among students in public schools and more particularly in primary schools.

During the presentation of this project, representatives of BIC Morocco also rewarded the winners of the 3rd edition of the contest “Draw your Success”, a national drawing competition for children aged 5 to 12, who saw this year the participation of 30 schools and benefited 18,120 students. During this event, 604 classes received kits containing the drawing materials necessary for student participation in the national competition.