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Beyoncé’s « Freedom » becomes a hymn for International Day of the Girl

In light of the International Day of the Girl,  Beyoncé lent her song « Freedom » to the #FreedomForGirls campaign that aims to raise awareness of the biggest challenges facing girls today.

After « Wannabe » Spice Girls, Beyoncé’s « Freedom » becomes a hymn for women all around the world. Today is International Day of the Girl and to mark the event, the UN’s Global Goals has decided to denounce the situation of women and girls  with a committed music video.

In the video, part of the #FreedomForGirls initiative, fierce little girls of all nationalities are dancing and singing to the beats of Beyoncé’s powerful « Freedom » song, from her album Lemonade, displaying a new dimension that changes tone from a fun celebration of female empowerment to deliver a more defiant message. For this staging, though good-natured, carries a terrible reality.

Half-way through the clip, Global Goals highlights alarming facts: every 5 minutes, a girl dies as a result of violence, one in four girls gets married as a child, girls are twice as likely to become infected by HIV, 71% of human trafficking victims are women … The statistics are scattered one after another on the screen showing shocking numbers, to a ruthless drum beat and an angry synthesizer.