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Best craftsmen awarded the National Prize in Casablanca

The 7th edition of the National Prize for Best Artisans awarded 23 designers in four categories, during a ceremony,Thursday in Casablanca, presided over by the Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicraft and Social Economy, Mohamed Sajid.

This event is part of the implementation of the Arts and Crafts Development Strategy, which aims to encourage creativity and innovation among artisans and to highlight their new creations. It is also a matter of paying tribute to the personalities who have contributed to the development and promotion of national crafts.

This event is crowned by awarding artisans and craftsmen distinguished by their creativity and know-how in the decoration, furniture, jewelry, clothing and accessories with four awards:

– The National Award of Excellence.
– The National Award of Distinction.
– The Encouragement Award.
– The Prize of Honor.

This year saw an important participation of artisans and craftsmen, about 574 participants including 304 artisans. The total number of qualifiers in the final is 152 artisans and craftsmen, 23 of whom are awarded, plus the honorary personality, given their contribution to the Arts and Crafts sector.