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Belgians teenagers’ volunteer work in a village near Taroudant is admirable on the internet

Written by FDM

This is the video that is currently going viral on the internet.

With over 169k views since August 3, the video highlights the initiative of several young Belgians, including a dozen teenage girls, who came to volunteer at a douar called “Adar” near Taroudant.  Instead of laying in the sun for a tan, the team volunteered to rebuild a road previously in a poor condition.

This initiative comes as part of a “collaboration -dating back to 2004- between Tiwizi association for social work development in the village of Adar and the Boward organization in Belgium” said Hassan Ait Addi, executive director of the association in a report by Al3omk. Each year, 2 groups of volunteers come from Belgium to help regional ones in the local development and the reinforcement of infrastructure of the village all the while exchanging cultural values and raising human rights awareness.