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Belgian-Moroccan Rachida Lamrabet wins Ultima Award for literature

Written by FDM

Belgian-Moroccan Rachida Lamrabet won the Ultima Award for Literature from the Flemish Community on Tuesday. The cultural award is accompanied by a €10,000 grant, according to the Flanders Literature website.

The Ultimas jury report describes Rachida Lamrabet as “a talented writer who tells stories that are not told by anyone else. Her eclectic oeuvre introduces a new – and much-needed – voice to Flemish literature. In her complex, multi-layered stories she matches literary erudition with empathy”.

Her winning novel “Tell Someone” is the story of a Moroccan soldier who fights alongside the French in the First World War. It explores the theme of the soldiers fighting in a war that is not theirs.

Rachida Lamrabet, born in 1970, writes novels, short stories, plays, and essays. Her work is strongly inspired by the themes of migration and identity, it is said.

“Lamrabet portrays complex and well-balanced characters, who challenge readers and force them to think. Her work is never art for art, but always rooted in a great social commitment”, concludes the media.