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Being granted the right to drive, Saudi women will soon be able to also guide an aircraft

Written by FDM

It’s extra freedom for women in the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After being granted the right to drive last June, as part of the reform program led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi women will soon be able to take flying lessons at a specialized aviation school, as Reuters reports.

Oxford Aviation Academy, a leading trainer and team recruiter, has already received applications from hundreds of women who want to become aviators. The school major offering women’s aviation lessons will open in the eastern city of Dammam. “We do not live in the days when women were allowed to work in limited areas,” said Dalal Yashar, an aspiring civilian pilot, interviewed by Reuters. “All paths are now open to women. If you feel like it, you have the capacity. ”

The new academy is part of a $ 300 million project that includes an aircraft maintenance school and an international flight simulator center at the airport. To be able to pilot, students will have to follow three years of academic and practical training. The courses will begin next September. “People used to travel abroad (to study aviation), which was more difficult for women than for men,” says Dalal Yashar.