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#Baraka: Campaign that says enough to violence and disrespect towards women

Written by FDM

A video that was originally released on May 19, 2017 has become viral in recent days following the many cases of violence that shook the kingdom this summer.

The video of the unbearable sexual assault of a young woman on a bus scandalized Morocco as a whole and was a trigger for the civil society to go out in the streets in defiance of disrespect and indecency towards women.

The video entitled « Baraka » ( enough )  describes a young woman’s life undergoing mistreatment by men on a daily basis: by a taxi driver, a vegetable seller, a brother, a husband …

The video was released by Jossour Forum des Femmes Marocaines association, founded in July 1995. It brings together women’s potentialities and skills that promote women’s rights and strengthen women’s presence on the national scene in the economic, social, cultural and legal fields, as well as political participation and decision-making positions.