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Ayoub Qanir conquers festivals around the world with his Japanese film!

Written by FDM

Ayoub Qanir has been selected for more than 12 festivals around the world collecting three awards in the process.

The American-Moroccan director is selected for more than 12 festivals in the world with awards already confirmed in three of them: Venice Film Week for the best experimental film, Horsetooth International Film Festival for Best Foreign Film as well as Best Film and at WMM Los Angeles for Best Cinematography without forgetting the nomination for Best Film at the Toronto Arthouse Film Festival.

After filming in Mongolia and Iceland, the director of “Artificio Conceal” returns with a Japanese film called “Darkness of Otherwhere”. A film that reflects his rich cinephilia from a very young age, as he has been passionate about the world of manga and Japanese culture. “I remember that I rushed home from school, in Casablanca, to watch my favorite manga, I was caught up in this universe, at just 10 years old” said the filmmaker who made a childhood dream come true by bringing this project, which took 4 years in the writing, to life.

For the film’s needs, Ayoub Qanir called on the best agency in Asia, Ko Iwagami responsible for the castings of Deadpool, John Wick, and the Avengers. As meticulous and picky as he is, Qanir directs two greats of Japanese cinema: Lee Murayama, partner of Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, and rising star Mika Hijii of the Japanese sensation saga Ninja. “I humbly consider myself an exploratory author. I admire and appreciate the passage of time in terms of culture and belief. I love to explore distant cultures that tell different stories and perspectives. That’s why I traveled far, to Mongolia for my first feature film, and then to Iceland for my second and finally to Japan to shoot my third. Above all, I try to explore and be immersed in belief systems that are completely different from our own,” says Ayoub Qanir, convinced that all this reinforces acceptance and empathy towards others.