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 Automobile Trophies celebration ceremony for the Car of the Year (photos)

Written by FDM

The 11th edition of the Automobile Trophies held a ceremony yesterday, January 15th, to celebrate the Peugeot 208, elected car of the year 2020.

After several months of intense preparations, the 11th edition of the Automobile Trophies came to an end on Tuesday, January 14, at the end of the dynamic tests.

These tests were carried out by a renowned jury made up of journalists, professionals and automotive experts, namely Yves Bey-Rozet (dean of the French automotive press), Younes Saih (automotive expert with Moroccan insurance companies), Aurélien Devernoix (automobile journalist), Hicham Atabi (automobile journalist) and Youssef Senhaji (president of the National Association of long-term rental companies).

After deliberation, this jury elected the Peugeot 208 Car of the year 2020!