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Audrey Azoulay officially at the head of UNESCO

Written by FDM

Audrey Azoulay, former French Culture Minister of Moroccan decent, was formally elected on Friday as UNESCO’s new chief.

Audrey Azoulay officially becomes the 11th leader of UNESCO and the second woman to occupy this post, after she’s been nominated by ther organization’s executive board which thus confirmed their choice of October 13th.

“I am thinking at this moment of all the people I met during these last months or whom I have met before in my various professional positions and who have great hopes in UNESCO ,” said Audrey Azoulay, speaking at the General Conference. I am thinking of UNESCO’s mandate, which is strikingly modern and to which we owe an operation and an Organization worthy of this modernity. I think of all of you who are lucid about the difficulties of the Organization but who know how irreplaceable it is, how essential it is to the challenges our world faces and who also want unity and serenity capable of allowing him to exercise his mandate to the best of his ability “.

Audrey Azoulay, who has been Minister of Culture and Communication and has held numerous senior positions in the audiovisual field in France, is set to embark on a new venture. Which will be tough, however, as the agency is plagued by internal conflicts and financial difficulties, aggravated by the withdrawal of the United States’s funding, announced last month.