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Attijariwafa bank Foundation Academy of Arts takes up Digital Format

Written by FDM

At the end of last October, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation launched the resumption of its Academy of Arts workshops for the benefit of the 2019-2021 promotion, in alignment with a global vision of the foundation under the “learning foundation” emblem.

This exclusively digital follow-up aims to strengthen the Foundation’s commitment to the promotion of art and culture, continue workshops for the benefit of sponsored young people and capitalize on the experience of artistic education by the digital company during the lockdown (which was fruitful in participation and challenges).

70 students from public middle and high schools in Casablanca have renewed their membership in this recovery under the theme “Risk as a vector of creativity” and have shown great enthusiasm to continue the weekly educational program in the three disciplines: Plastic expression, Literary expression, and Multimedia provided respectively by Mr. Abderrahman Banana, Abdelmajid Seddati and Chafik Aziz.

The Foundation carries out continuous awareness-raising among young learners via all its social networks and communication channels, to prepare them for the workshops. It is currently developing a new artistic challenge entitled “My neighborhood as I imagine it” which will be an opportunity to let loose of their creativity and invite them to imagine a better future post-Covid.