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Atig n Tamunt: Quarantine in an Amazigh song

Written by FDM

Two Moroccan music groups Amazigh Tawargit and Amnay have combined their talents in the song “Atig n Tamunt” (the value of union) which they shared with their fans to instill courage and motivation.

“What could be more beautiful than music to soften emotions, soften hearts and rekindle the flame of motivation and courage”,  said Amnay and Muha, the leaders of the two groups Tawargit & Amnay who decided to share with their fans their song “Atig n Tamunt”. The musicians hope through this song “to brighten the spirits and reduce the stress of the people and frontline fighters of this health war: the team of experts, the doctors, the health workers and the millions of ‘other workers who are exposed on the frontlines of the daily fight against this disease’.

“The majority of crises experienced by humanity have given birth to musical pieces retracing their contexts and the moods of the people who have experienced them, Atig n Tamunt is in the same spirit to express our emotions in hope for better days,” said Amnay.

As a reminder, “Atig n Tamunt” (the value of union) is a song composed and written by the two groups 5 years ago already within the Tiwan Sound studio in Kelaat Mgouna, and they share it again with their fans in these difficult times when everyone needs moral support to overcome this health crisis.