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Asma Lmnawar’s music video celebrates traditional Moroccan weddings

The latest single by the talented singer, Asma Lmnawar is everything you could ask for in a Moroccan wedding.

Colors, traditional music, lights and fashion… everything screams Morocco in the latest music video by Asma Lmnawr « Andou Zine », directed by the talented Amir Rouani who also worked with Saad Lamjarrad on both of his hit singles « Lam3alem » and « Ghaltana ».

Lmnawar described the video as reflecting Moroccans’ spirit of celebration. She also stated that she found the narrative very relatable, it made her reminisce about the times she attendant those types of weddings with her mother.

If you’re in the mood for a Moroccan traditional hype fused with high production value, check out the video above!