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Asma Lamrabet published « Women and Men in the Qur’an » in the United States

Written by FDM

Moroccan researcher and writer Asma Lamrabet has just published her book « Women and Men in the Qur’an » in the United States. In her book, the author tackles misconceptions about the condition of Muslim women by highlighting the Qur’anic equal and spiritual ethics.

This book is the English version of «Femmes et Hommes dans le Coran : Quelle égalité ?» In which Asma Lamrabet deconstructs discriminatory interpretations around Muslim woman. Because Islam as a spiritual message doesn’t oppresse women but different interpretations do, as argued by Asma Lamrabet in this book.

The researcher condemns the fact that some Muslims and non-Muslims are eager  » to condone, by lack of weighting and without hindsight, fundamentally wrong human interpretations by devaluing Muslim women and their contributions, instead of being faithful to the meaning and the purposes of the sacred text « .

In her book, Asma Lamrabet quotes Qur’anic verses, analyzes them and invites, with finesse and accuracy, to the reflection. For Peter Mandaville, from George Mason University,  » Asma Lamrabet apprehends and broadens the horizons of an academic tradition whose pioneering Fatima Mernissi was fierce, » adding that  » being accessible today in English, the book of Asma Lamrabet argues convincingly through two key points: First, the non-existence of the universal Muslim woman notion. And secondly, the fact that the patriarchal interpretation of the status of women in Islam is not supported by the Holy Text of the Quran. For Abdulaziz Sachedina, Professor of Islamic Studies at George Mason University,  » Without engaging in unnecessary debates, Asma Lamrabet is doing a great service to the women’s cause by responding to the systematic denigration of Muslim women’s rights by restoring them to their meritorious status ».