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Artist Sonia Bennis unveils first exhibition “Unicité”

Written by FDM

Until February 20, the painter Sonia Bennis adorns the walls of the Mövenpick Mansour Eddhabi to unveil her very first exhibition punctuated by canvases and tables presented as art jewels.

Mövenpick Marrakech houses the exhibition “Unicité” by the painter Sonia Bennis which unveils her first works including canvases and tables. Fascinated by the work of resin and inspired by the nobility and authenticity of wood, Sonia Bennis makes decorative tables that give the illusion of being in motion. Sensitive to the beauty of nature, she transfers her feelings on each of her paintings.

A native of the Marrakech city, Sonia Bennis managed for several years a large renowned group before devoting herself fully to art. For several years, she has been handling different materials such as glass paste, clay, ostrich eggs, wood, including metals such as nickel silver, and copper, as well as several artistic techniques including sculpture and different painting techniques.

A big-hearted and committed artist, she is also invested in the cause of childhood through the Moroccan League for the protection of children of Marrakech.