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Artist creates exquisite portraits with only lipstick and a lot of kisses

Written by FDM

Artist Alexis Fraser uses lipstick to draw her portraits and her lips as a tool.

Her technique consists of coloring her lips with lipstick and kissing the canvas, until she creates the wanted figure. Her portraits have made their way online and are creating quite a buzz.
Toronto based artist Alexis Fraser, aka Lipstick Lex, is a Chicago native. She is most certainly not the first to use lipstick as a paint, as another artist named Natalie Irish first came up with it five years ago.
Still she managed to  master the medium and was able to develop her own technique she calls  » kiss print pointillism »,  The direct application of lipstick executes the finer points of detail. Which makes her art stand out all the more.
Alexis Fraser is originally an accomplished oil painter, however, as an artist who is always seeking new ways to express her sensual talent, she decided to neglect brushes and draw the shapes with the exclusive use of lips and lipstick. Which made the resulting portraits  the most original part of her repertoire as well as the ones that made her gain a lot of following on social media.
Talk about the amount of lipstick to be used for larger portraits! it’s okay though since it is  all done for the sake of art.