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The art of the Atlas in the spotlight at the national festival of Ahidous 

Written by FDM

The 19th edition of the national festival of Ahidous was organized from July 26 to 28 in Ain Leuh (Ifrane province). The theme chosen this year was “Preservation of cultural heritage, protection of identity and development mechanisms”.

From 26 to 28 July, the art of the Atlas was highlighted thanks to the national festival of Ahidous organized in Ain Leuh (province of Ifrane), by the Ministry of Culture and Communication as well as by the association Taimat for the arts of the Atlas, in partnership with the regional council Fes-Meknes.

The particularity of this festival is that it’s a mixed collective dance of the Amazigh villages of the Middle Atlas combining poetry and singing accompanied by a single instrument, the Alloun (or Bendir). It is a festival anchored in the national memory and particularly in the Middle Atlas region and its surroundings, as explained by the director of culture of the Fez-Meknes region, Rachid EL Bouzidi, pointing out that it constitutes “a lever of development”.

The highlights? the conferences, one of which focuses on the art of Ahidous as an artistic expression, the folk paintings performed by the 45 Moroccan troops and the tribute ceremony to a host of artists, including Abdelwahed Hajjajoui, Abdellah El Hachimi, Solaymane El Massoudi and Benaissa Zaka, in recognition of their contribution to the art of Ahidous.