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Arab cross-country championships: Moroccan women at the top of the podium 

Written by FDM

Morocco won the title of the 23rd Arab Cross-Country Championships, held on January 5th in Jordan, with women’s teams at the top level!

Morocco’s Cross Country selection topped the overall standings at the 23rd Arab Cross Country Championships in Jordan. The Kingdom was represented by 6 teams, all categories combined.  They are Cadets (6 athletes, 6 km), Junior Girls (6, 6 km), Senior Men (6, 10 km), Junior Boys (6, 8 km), Senior Women (6, 10 km) and Cadets (5, 4 km).

The Moroccan team took first place by taking away the three podiums in the Senior Ladies category and occupying the second and third place among Senior Men. At the top of the rankings also in the Junior Girls and Junior Boys categories, winning the first three places in the first category and climbing on the last two steps of the podium of the second. As for the female and male Cadet categories, the team was ranked second in the standings, behind Bahrain, with a place on the podium in the Cadet category.

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