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App to stop digital violence against women

Written by FDM

The Tahadi Association for Equality and Citizenship (ATEC) has just launched a new digital application “Stop digital violence” to strengthen the fight against digital violence against women.

The fight against gender-based violence mobilizes the Tahadi Association for Equality and Citizenship (ATEC) which, as part of its “Stop digital violence…” project supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Morocco, has developed an innovative application, easily accessible and easily downloadable, which adopts interactive and convenient language, through which women victims of digital violence can submit their complaints with their demands. The association then deals with the complaint and takes charge in coordination with the person concerned so that the follow-up is ensured, throughout its legal itinerary.

The application also provides all visitors with data and information relating to legislative texts, legal provisions, and procedures, in addition to the contact details of the various stakeholders. The new app also gives advice to actual or potential victims of digital violence to help them face it.