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Andalusian music in the spotlight at the Cervantes Institute of Rabat 

Written by FDM

Andalusian music is at the heart of an exchange scheduled on June 7 at 10 pm at the Cervantes Institute of Rabat.

Three fine music specialists are invited to Cervantes Institute of Rabat to debate on June 7 about Andalusian music as shared heritage between Spain and the Maghreb.

Brahim El Mazned, the cultural manager and artistic director of the Timitar festival in Agadir, as well as the director of Visa For Music, Amin Chaachoo, musician and musicologist from Tetouan, researcher and publisher of Andalusian music, and Rachid Toumi, musician of origin Algerian resident in Morocco.

All three will also tackle another subject: the proposition to include Andalusian music as intangible heritage of Unesco’s humanity.

For its part, the Cervantes Institute will take the opportunity to announce its wish to raise this music to the academic and university field, by proposing the creation of a chair on this subject.