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# ana_m3ak, the campaign that urges everyone to take action against youth suicide

Written by FDM

Each year since 2013, “Sourire de Reda” association launches its annual awareness campaign on February 5th, the National Day For the Prevention of Suicide among Youth, dubbed #ana_m3ak.


Initially helping to partially lift the taboo on this sensitive topic, facilitated to spread the word on the sufferings of young people and shed light on the means of action, in particular by setting up its listening platform chat service Stop Silence, Sourire de Reda is mobilizing in 2018 to federate energies and allow each one of us to become a relay of prevention. Because we all have the “super power” to help a young person in pain and prevent the act.

At a time when the subject of suicide has risen to prominence in the media lately, especially following “the Blue Whale challenge” spread on social networks, leaving many skeptical about the truth behind the rumors of numerous acts of suicide, “Sourire de Reda” insists on the fact that such rumors could not be neglected.

“The role of the entourage is essential to support a young person in distress,” the association said in a statement. “Because sometimes just a simple gesture is enough to restore confidence to a young person who had lost hope, or a word to bring back a smile to his face.”

The campaign, designed by Mosaïk Communication with the help of the production company Sigma, has chosen to illustrate this hand that everyone can use to reach out to those who need it.

Created in December 2009, “Sourire de Reda” is the reference association in Morocco that operates in helping young people who are suffering and preventing suicide. Its mission is based on three areas of intervention: Make society aware of the reality of the ongoing suffering of young people, prevent isolation through field interventions, especially in schools, and intervene through the anonymous and free chat service, Stop Silence.