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“Ana maghribia” 7th edition takes up the theme of “Afri9i.a”

Written by FDM

Until February 21, the French Institute of Morocco is organizing the 7th edition of the Ana Maghribia (I’m a Moroccan woman) short film competition inviting young people under 30 to shoot and send a 90-second video on the theme “Afri9i.a” (“African”).

(“African”) Supported by the French Institute of Morocco, this competition is intended for young people under 30, offering a 90-second video on the theme “Afri9i.a”.

“To be African is a question that systematically generates a lot of others in my mind, what exactly does being African mean? Is it skin color or a state of mind? Is it an economic condition or a cultural heritage perpetually rediscovered both with surprise and delight? An economic choice or an immutable fate?, asks Mohcine Besri, president of the jury. For us Moroccans, I have the feeling that being African is historical amnesia of geographical evidence ”.
Ana Maghribia thus creates the opportunity to embody one’s own Africanness and make their voice resonate.