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« Ta ana bnadem (wellah) »: Powerful series tackling women’s condition in Morocco

Written by FDM

Brief but striking are these three short videos produced by Hicham Lasri just in time for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

They were posted in a series of three video under the title of « Ta ana bnadem (wellah) » (I swear! I too am a person!) tackling the condition of women in Morocco, from sexism to the image of women in media and society.

The filmmaker introduced a form of cynical humor reminding us that it is about  time to revisit women’s rights. Starting with his first video, Hicham Lasri denounces street harassment. In the second, he talks about the place of women in society:  » Society patronizes us. Why should I be under my brother’s, uncle’s or husband’s supervision? I was born free too! »  These are the words actress  Nisrine Adam spoke, looking directly at the camera. And in the third and last video, the participation of women in society is criticized, whether in politics, in the media or their representation in advertising .  » Some say she (the woman) is a chandelier that lights up the house. But I am not a flowerpot, nor a plant nor a trophy! I too am a person. »