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Amina Agueznay, Joana Choumali, and Ghizlane Sahli exhibit contemporary textile creations

Written by FDM

The cultural season begins at the Loft Art Gallery with an exhibition that showcases contemporary textiles. Three artists, Moroccan Amina Agueznay, Ghizlane Sahli, and Ivorian Joana Choumali, are showcasing works that promote textile creation in Morocco and Africa.

Crochet, woven or embroidered, in silk or wool, each work calls out and invites us to explore our relationship with intimacy and time, in an omnipresent link with nature.

“It is a project initiated before lockdown. It is positioned as the first in the promotion of contemporary textile creation in Morocco and Africa since it will be dedicated in an unprecedented and exclusive way to this medium deployed in a plurality of forms and also offering the possibilities of monumentality”, the initiators of this exhibition explained.

“Metaphorically, Amina Agueznay brings the exterior to the interior, creating a veritable green stroll in the gallery space. Ghizlane Sahli, who borrows from traditional embroidery and weaving techniques, the lexicon and the material of her works (sabra, aakad etc.), operates differently in the change of scale”, Meriem Berrada wrote in a beautiful text presenting this exhibition.

Meantime, Ivorian artist Joana Choumali explores fiber. Known for her photographs, Joana chose textiles to spend more time with her works. A beautiful exhibition to discover until November 14, 2020, at the Loft Art Gallery.

Loft Art Gallery – 13 rue El Kaïssi, Golden Triangle, Bourgogne Casablanca.