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Amin Aaliwica paints Schizophrenia in a new exhibition

Written by FDM

“Skisofrenia” is the title of Amin Aaliwica’s new exhibition at the Sidi Belyout complex in Casablanca.  The opening was held yesterday, February 5th, in the presence of many personalities.  


From February 5, nearly 200 works will be exhibited during two weeks mixing silk painting, acrylic on canvas and mixed techniques on wood, approached with different energies: strength, weakness, assurance, lack of confidence, neutrality, arrogance, modesty, spirituality, and lightness.

The artist wanted to treat this universal dilemma from which humanity suffers: the consumer society creates models in contradiction with the essence of human being. A multidisciplinary and self-taught painter, Amin Aaliwica has been painting since the age of 17.

The 47-year-old artist combines drawing and building while remaining on the lookout for different means of expression. His works are the creative illustration of an intimate entanglement between forms, bodies, ideas, and cultures.