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American Social media star kicked out of a plane for speaking Arabic

Written by FDM

Getting escorted out of an airplane for speaking a different language is apparently possible with Delta airlines.

Adam Saleh is apparently very upset, and we could clearly see why. The YouTuber uploaded a video onto his twitter account  capturing the incident. Quietly sitting on the plane that must take him back to New York, the American YouTuber and rapper calls his mother before taking off and exchanges a few words in Arabic with her.

“We spoke a different language on the plane and now we’re getting kicked out.” Said Saleh   offended by the situation as he exclaims, “This is 2016!”

The details are still unclear as to the exact sequence of events, but Adam Saleh and his friend (also Arab) have seen the crew of the plane ask them to leave the aircraft after receiving complaints from 20 passengers for feeling uncomfortable.

The YouTuber, whose YouTube channel has more than 2 million subscribers, immediately  starts shooting a live video for proof. And while he was being escorted out by Delta staff, other passengers can be seen waving at him and shouting “Bye!” as the camera turns towards them.

Meanwhile, only one passenger is speaking out for them and defending them.
With a large following on his twitter account, the video was picked up immediately and got retweeted over 770K times and viewed by more than 30 million people on Facebook by the time of publishing .

In response to the incident, Delta Airlines tweeted: “Two customers were removed from this flight and later rebooked after a disturbance in the cabin resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort.”