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American man admitted ripping off Hijab of a Muslim woman and faces prison

Written by FDM

A North Carolina man faces prison time after forcibly ripping the Hijab off of a Muslim woman on a Southwest Airlines flight. According to The New York Daily News.

There’s been a lot of high-profile anti-Muslim incidents occurring in America recently, especially on planes. Back in December of 2015 the incident took place aboard a plane between Chicago and Albuquerque when Gill Parker Payne approached a fellow Muslim passenger asked her to remove her headscarf.

After her tenacious refusal, the man held the veil from the back and violently ripped it off the woman’s head and specifically said, “Take it off. This is America.”

The 37-year-old bigot later admitted his act during last Friday’s session and pleaded guilty to using force to stop the women from freely exercising her religious beliefs and now faces up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine according to the Department of Justice.