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Amazigh version of Game of Thrones theme song deemed a success

If you think you’ve seen it all in terms of Game of Thrones’ theme song versions, think again. Because you sure have never seen an Amazigh one!

Game of thrones’ theme song became instantly iconic as fans from all corners of the world covered it with passion and mastery. Moroccan ones are no different. Indeed, a young videographer took up the series soundtrack with an Amazigh twist and posted it on YouTube.

The images were shot in the town of Tamri, 50 kilometers north of Agadir, where Youssef Aboutaleb, the director of the clip is originally from.  A man wearing a djellaba is seen, his face hidden by his hood, and playing ribab which is a traditional Amazigh musical instrument.

« As a starting point to move outside my comfort zone, I chose to do something different. In this case I made a soundtrack of Game of Thrones using Amazigh’s instruments like the Ribab. »  said Youssef Aboutaleb, who had this idea long ago, but preferred to wait until he developed his skills in video making.

« We recorded the music and we made the video clip, I tried to make it simple starting with clothes, the way of the photography and the montage. » Which might have been the reason behind the success of the video, considering it was viewed more than 46 thousand times since it was first posted November 29.