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Amal Ayouch and Hadra Chefchaounya at the Fez Festival of the World Sacred Music

Written by FDM

Actress Amal Ayouch and the women’s association of Hadra Chefchaounya performed on the 28th of June, on the stage of the Fez Festival of the World Sacred Music organized until June 30th.

For its 24th edition devoted to “ancestral knowledge”, the organizers of the Fez Festival of the World Sacred Music have scheduled, on June 28, a musical reading by the actress Amal Ayouch at the French Institute of Fez, around the Conte d’Orient  by Kay d’Astorg, an artist who devotes her life to writing.

Since 2014, the author presents her written texts turned musical by Moroccan and foreign artists in different cultural spaces. Thus, Amal Ayouch who has played in many films including “L’Orchestre de minuit”, took charge of the narration accompanied by Patty Hannock, Ghislain Hervet and Khalid K, actor, singer and musician.

As for the Hadra Chefchaounya Women’s Association, it was created in 2003 to preserve the art of Hadra, a spiritual, traditional and authentic musical heritage that persists in the region through generations of women. Beautiful songs resonated from 11pm in Dar Tazi.