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“Allah Islah”, The play that tackles family education deemed a success

Written by FDM

“Allah Islah” is the new play by the troupe “19h théâtre” that tackles with finesse and humor, the thorny issue of family education. A comedy so successful that the troupe decided to add dates: January 26, and February 10 and 23 at 8:30 pm at the Fédération des œuvres laïques (FOL) in Casablanca.

This comedy, written in Darija by Youssef Lahrichi, tells the story of a Moroccan family living under the yoke of a strict father, convinced that extreme severity will be enough to maintain order in his home. His speech is simply brutal, even ruthless at times. As a result, his wife’s life and her three daughters rhyme with fear and restraint. But twenty years later, a person will burst into their lives and will shake it up … forever!

Through this piece, questions that (re) surfaces are of the sort: What impacts can some educational models have on family? What paradoxes can engender such an excessively patriarchal vision in a home? And so, what happens when the principles stated by the parents are completely out of sync with their own behaviors?

So many questions that actually made up the content of this work performed by a troupe composed of laureates of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Casablanca and actors particularly active in theatrical improvisation. In short, a central theme, a powerful play and talented actors who have so seduced the public that new dates are scheduled.

Next performances: January 26th and February 10th and 23rd at 8:30 pm at the FOL.