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AL HAOUZ Festival: End of a rewarding edition 

Written by FDM

The summer session of the 5th Al Hazouz Festival ended on Tuesday, July 10th. This edition had put the ”cultures and entrepreneurship” on the spotlight. Highlights of a closing show.

Thus, the summer session of this edition has come to an end in Tahanouat where the  “N9iw blastna” awards ceremony also took place.  This initiative had the aim of rewarding the best street among those adorned with murals.

The closing show exuded so much energy by bringing together artists of different backgrounds. The big stage (Grande scène) saw performances of very different yet balanced styles starting from African sounds with Conton d’Afrik et Amenagour, passing by a taste of Moroccan popular music L’Aita performed by the unique Khadija Margoum, all the way to Gnawa hues brought by Maalem mustapha baqbou.

Al Haouz fastival is also a cultural event that gave birth to mural painters leading to a convivial community space in Tahanaout in which festival-goers discovered the works of sculptors along with young talents of Al Haouz,