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Al Boraq celebrates its 1st year anniversary with two works of art

Written by FDM

After a year of operation, Al Boraq has kept its promises. As the latest figures showed at a press briefing held on 20 November 2019 by the National Office of Railways (ONCF) in Rabat to present the performance of Al boraq and its material and immaterial repercussions.


“The project is very profitable,” says Rabie Khlie, CEO of the Office, noting that Al Boraq indeed has covered all of its expenses. This TGV has already transported 2.5 million passengers from January to the end of October 2019 with an average of 2,850 passengers per day.

In terms of traffic evolution, Al Boraq will increase to 3 million passengers at the end of December 2019. At the end of October 2019, the TGV ensures an occupancy rate of 68% and a punctuation of 97%.

On the sidelines of this anniversary, Mr. Mohamed Rabie Khlie and Mr. Mehdi Qotbi, president of the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco, presided, under the sign ‘Art and Travel’ the inauguration of sculptures at Casa -Voyageur train station and Rabat-Agdal station signed respectively by renowned artists Hassan Darsi and Mohammed El Baz.

The first work entitled “Marhabane” is made by artist Hassan Darsi. Housed in the Casa-Voyageurs train station, this spherical sculpture, more than 4 meters in diameter, is made up of gold-wood tracery assembled in scaffolding. At its center, we can see the contours of the African continent. In the hollow part of the work we can guess 29 floating words and as many languages, among the most used in Africa to welcome travelers.

The second sculpture called “Here and Now” was designed by Mohamed El Baz. Taking place in front of the Rabat-Agdal train station, this work dressed in white represents the map of Morocco with all its regions linked by transparent lines. According