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Al Ala Moroccan music honored at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris

Written by FDM

Moroccan music Al Ala  with its millennial history and finesse shone on May 22 at Paris’s Institute of the Arab World (IMA) through the documentary “Nuba d’or et de lumières” (Nuba of gold and lights). A film screened as part of the exhibition Al Musiqa devoted for the first time to the music of the Arab world.

During 80 min, the cultural anchoring and the passion cultivated by Moroccans around Al Ala was put forward at the Institute of the Arab World (IMA) of Paris during the projection of the documentary “Nuba d’or et de lumières”.

This film, made in 2007 by French-Moroccan Izza Genini, tells the story of the grace and refinement of Moroccan music Al Ala, the result of a fusion of Arab-Muslim cultures, Berber, Christian, Spanish, Hebrew and Eastern. It shows, in particular, how the “nouba” which constitutes the symphony, persists for centuries to widen the circle of its amateurs among all generations, classes and religions combined like a communion.

The projection of the said documentary was organized on the sidelines of Al Musiqa exhibition dedicated, until August 19, to Arab music, celebrating the richness of an ancient heritage sometimes unknown. An exhibition that is a kind of visual and sonic journey from the happy Arabia of the Queen of Sheba to the Andalusia of the great musician Zyriab, from the pre-Islamic period, to the Egyptian golden age of the diva Oum Kaltoum, to the pop scene, rap or electro, released in the streets since the Arab revolutions.

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