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Airbnb launches a platform for housing refugees

Written by FDM

The app unveiled on Wednesday, June 7th, a new platform allowing its users to offer available their accommodation for people in need, free of charge.

Publicly opposed to the anti-immigration decree of Donald Trump, the platform of housing reservations had proposed to host victims of the muslim ban in January with no charge. Today, Airbnb intends to go further to help people in difficulty.

The company unveiled on Wednesday (June 7th), a new platform called Open Homes allowing its users to voluntarily register to rent their housing, completely or partially but always free, to refugees, disaster victims or the homeless. « This is a new way for those who want to contribute and give to those who need it most, » said Airbnb co-founder and product manager Joe Gebbia to Fortune.

6000 owners have already made the leap by proposing their homes. It is to a New Yorker that the company owes this concept born in fact in 2012. At the time, this woman had opened her house to Airbnb in order to collect some victims of the Sandy hurricane, which the company didn’t (yet) provide services for. This was resolved in 24 hours before being extended to other emergencies in the world. Way to restore our faith in humanity.