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Aicha Tachinwite takes things to another level with playful new music video 

Amazigh artist Aicha Tachinwite came back with a powerful song mixing contemporary tunes with traditional Amazigh music, and it is ought to be revolutionary.

Aicha Tachinwite, had always distinguished herself by her originality, her desire to innovate and to satisfy her public. Her new music video « Wach Katfham Laarbia » was inspired and directed by Nabil Belhirch and posted yesterday and seems to pileup positive feeds already.

Featuring four male backup dancers, led by mashup sounds of electronic and the Ribab with social media stars among them, funny interactions between the artist and other characters and also taking up a role of a cool teacher doing the Dab, the video is a breath of fresh air in the Amazigh music scene and the perfect example of openness to the world.