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“Ahin Ya Sultani”, The Eternal Love Story Sung by Nabyla Maan

Moroccan singer Nabyla Maan unveils a new single of a beautiful sensitivity. The title “Ya Soltani” is a tribute to a 14th-century love story. The music video certainly does the song justice as it was filmed in the historic site of Chellah by director Reda Lahmouid.

Known for her Andalusian melodies, Nabyla Maan surprises, yet again, with a romantic ballad refined by a crystalline voice. “Ya Sultani” is a cover of a traditional Andalusian Moroccan song arranged by her husband and all-time partner Tarik Hilal. It was carried by Voix du Chœur directed by Rabii Merouane.

“Through the song, we pay tribute to this story. A 14-century-old eternal love story. The goal was to express this love in all its splendor, in all its passion. “Ahin Ya Sultani” is a centuries-old traditional Andalusian heritage. So the idea was to combine all these ancestral elements in order to sublimate love,” says Nabyla Maan.