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“Afrique du rire”, the new festival to bring African comedians together

Written by FDM

The festival of humor initiated by the Moroccan-Ivorian comedian Oualas will be held from November 2 to December 15, and will tour Morocco, and stop by Ivory Coast, Senegal and Gabon, said the organizers at the press conference yesterday.

A new African humorous and itinerant festival will soon be launched. “Afrique du rire” will take place from  November 2 to December 15 in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Gabon. “It is an African production that promotes African artists” Tahar Lazrak a.k.a Oualas explained, ” In short, the idea is to highlight South-South cooperation as the King Mohammed VI well designed” he said.

In total, the programming schedule eight dates, five of which in Morocco. The festival will be launched in Casablanca on 2-3 November. Following stops in Marrakesh (November 5), Tangier ( November 9), Rabat (November 11), Fez (November 15), and Dakhla (November 18). Africa of laughter will then fly to Ouagadougou on November 30, Abidjan on December 10, Dakar on December 13, and Libreville on December 15.

27 artists from different parts of the African continent are set to participate in this artistic event. The likes of Oualas, Michel Gouhou (Ivory coast), Mamene (Niger), Digbeu Cravate (Ivory Coast), Eko (Morocco), Amine Radi (Morocco) and Yass ( Senegal) will participate among others…