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African Games: Morocco positioned in 5th place with 93 medals 

Written by FDM

In two days, Morocco has moved from 3rd to 4th place, then from 4th to 5th place in the overall ranking of the 12th African Games after the 11th round held on Thursday, August 29. On the record, a total of 93 medals including 27 golden ones.

With 93 medals, Morocco now ranks 5th at the end of the 11th day of the African Games held until August 31 in the kingdom. Specifically, 27 golds, 26 silvers and 40 bronzes. Egypt still leading with 229 medals (79 golds, 87 silvers and 63 bronzes) in front of Nigeria who had a total of 103 medals (40 golds, 28 silvers and 35 bronzes) and South Africa, third, with 77 medals (32 golds, 24 silvers and 21 bronzes). In fourth place is Algeria with 113 medals (31 golds, 27 silvers and 55 bronzes). And just behind Morocco; Tunisia with 79 medals including 23 golds, 28 silvers, and 28 bronzes.

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