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Actor Rami Malek’s Arabic interview goes viral

Written by FDM

Rami Malek had once again made a sensation. This time with an interview, done in July and made viral recently in which he speaks broken arabic.

Egyptian-American actor Ramy malek has been at the center of several social media rages lately from making history at the Emmys to perfectly embodying Freddy Mercury in a performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. The most-recent sensation has been caused by a now-viral video of the actor speaking Egyptian.

The video was shared on YouTube earlier in July but has resurfaced after one Facebook user reposted it this weekend. Even if the 36-year-old actor does not seem very comfortable expressing himself in Arabic, he shows a certain fluency in his interview, which was a delight for Internet users from the Arab world . Feedback on Twitter.

In related news, Rami Malek has been the talk of the town ever since a video of him in the skin of Freddie Mercury emerged last week. It was taken from the set of a new Queen biopic in which Rami would be playing Freddie Mercury. The video was a recreation of the band’s epic 1985 Live Aid appearance at Wembley Stadium in London.